This book is filled with 7 full days of my favourite recipes. Recipes that I know will turn out amazing time after time and will never disappoint.


The great thing about this book is it features recipes for all walks of life – variety, spices, meat eaters and vegetarians, snack lovers (a.k.a. moi), slow cooker connoisseurs, salad lovers, meal prep kings, quick and easy and more! There’s a little bit of everything in this book.


Open this book when you can’t decide what to make or you want a recipe that you know won’t disappoint. I know you won’t be disappointed because I never am!


This recipe book includes:

  • 7 breakfast recipes
  • 7 lunch recipes
  • 7 dinner recipes
  • 7 snack recipes


That’s 28 recipes! Pssttt…I also threw in a yummy cleaned up bbq sauce recipe because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like bbq sauce!


Also included are:


  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make
  • Complete ingredient list for each recipe
  • Enticing photographs to show what the dish looks like
  • Notes on how to revise/improvise with other ingredients
  • Notes on storage


Get cookin’, good lookin’!

7-Days of My Favourites Recipe Book