Newborn Sleep Schedule & Environment for Esmé

Updated: May 22, 2020

Wow, it's a weird feeling trying to think back to Esmé being a newborn. Although it was only 8.5 months ago, it truly feels like a lifetime!

I thought it would be best to split up Esmé's sleep journey into stages so check out these other posts if your baby is older:

3-5 months (Coming May 25)

5-8.5 months (Coming June 1)

So, welcome to the newborn stage. This post is going to be quiteeeeee short because she was a newborn and we weren't really doing much aside from letting her do her own thing.

Like I said, we didn't have a schedule or anything for when Esmé was firstborn. She slept when she wanted, however much she wanted and basically wherever she fell asleep. During her newborn stage she never slept more than an 1 - 1.5 hours at a time and she slept roughly 18-19 hours day. I remember the first time she slept past 1.5 and it was a miracle!

She also slept wherever she fell asleep. This included:

1. Stroller bassinet: I would take her for walks and if she fell asleep I would leave her in the bassinet

2. On me: she slept on me a lot during the day & at night. I slept on the couch for the first 12 weeks because I was too nervous to co-sleep in the bed with both E & I in there. So I would sleep on the couch, prop myself up a bit, put a blanket or pillow on my arm closest to the back of the couch, and lay Esmé on my chest. She also slept in my arms a lot too.

3. On the boppy pillow

4. In the glider: no, this is not considered safe sleeping (& neither is the boppy pillow or co-sleeping) because babies can suffocate if not laying flat on their backs without any pillows, blankets etc. I acknowledge that but we had to do what we had to do and we took the risk.

5. On the floor: yup, sometimes she would be playing or I would set her down and she would fall asleep so I would leave her there.

6. Bassinet: a handful of times she actually slept in here

Where did Esmé not sleep?

Esmé never slept in her crib and she basically never slept in our room. Her & I slept in the living room for those first 12 weeks!

It was rough and man o man am I glad we are wayyyyy past that stage. The good news is though, it does get better!

Remember to check-out the older stages to see what things we tried for Esmé, what worked & what wonderful we sleep we get now!

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