Ep. 1: Removing The Shame Around Moms Wanting A Life Outside Motherhood

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Welcome to the Badass Moms Club podcast!

Badass moms unite! This is a place for you to come to be empowered to step into the life you truly desire. If you have a nagging feeling or a burning desire inside of you to have a life outside motherhood but you feel guilty or you just don't know where to begin to start living that life...then this is your new home.

The Badass Moms Club is your place to get real strategies to help you live the life you want...however that may look...and to do so WITHOUT the mom guilt. Sounds amazing, right? Hang on mama and trust that you can and will live the life you desire.

Episode 1 is coming in spicy!

We are sitting in a grey area where it's becoming more and more common for moms to want a life outside motherhood but there is still so much shame behind it.

Moms everywhere have a desire to feel fulfilled in their life and they are realizing that motherhood, although is fulfilling, they need more than that. Whether it be going back to work, seeing friends, getting back to a hobby you love, I am here to tell you that it is perfectly okay to want and have a life outside motherhood.

But before we even think about what it is we want to do outside mothering, we need to remove the shame and guilt around the "wanting" aspect. 

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with want something(s) outside motherhood. It does not mean you are a bad mom. It does not mean you love your children any less. It does not mean there is something wrong with you.

It just means you are a complex human being who requires multiple things to feel fulfilled in life.

Beyond that, when you do pursue things you love, you will feel happier, content and have an outlet for the stress in your life. All of this translates over into your mothering. All of this makes us better moms.

But in order to fill our cup, we need to actually go and do the things that make us fulfilled.

And we need to do it guilt free...because we deserve it. Today's episode will cover just that.

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