Ep. 9: Mama Meditation - COVID-19 Pep Talk

Updated: May 9, 2020

Times are super weird right now as the world is shutdown. Kids are home from school or daycare. Emotions and anxiety are at an all-time high. Moms are trying to homeschool the kiddos and somehow keep them endlessly entertained.

Maybe you're feeling like shit because you see moms on social media who are starting new businesses while somehow teaching their kids math. You feel like you're barely holding on. 

Or maybe your days are so all over the place that you feel like shit. Or maybe you're getting into a groove and things are going alright.

However you are coping 

However you are surviving 

However you manage to get through this time 

Is perfectly okay 

Times are super weird right now. The world is shutdown.

More than ever, you are allowed to do whatever the heck is going to get you through this



You got this mama, you really do.

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