Ep. 34: Simple Saturday's - One Trick To Getting Your Kids To Do What You Say

O the struggles of being a parent...you're the mom, you're the authority figure, you're the one responsible for these small humans but getting them to listen to you is a full-time job!

Getting our kids to listen to us can be such a power struggle. It can result in the kids throwing tantrums, ignoring us, or blatantly doing exactly what we told them not to do. We become frustrated, annoyed and sometimes we give up or give in.

So how the heck do we get them to do what we say? We have to give them choice & autonomy to make their own decisions! Yes, let them decide. Kids want to feel like they are making their own decisions (I mean, don't we all?). Kids want to feel like they have options (I mean, don't we all?). Kids want to feel heard (I mean, don't we all?). Kids want to feel as if their voice and opinion matters (I mean, don't we all?).

Kids want choices & the autonomy to decide.

So, next time you go to say "no", "don't do that", "you can't do that", "you must do this", rephrase your words to give them a choice.

Instead of: "Bedtime is 8pm and you must be go to bed then".

Say this: "You can go to bed any time you like as long as it's before 8".

Now they have choice and can make their own decision!

Trust me, kids really want to feel heard, respected & that their opinion is valuable. Giving them the options to make their own decisions is a great way to do this.

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