Ep. 30: Simple Saturday's - The 10-Minute Clean

I have chatted a few times on my IG about the 10-minute clean and every time I do, someone messages me to say they tried it and liked it! So, in this episode I am going to share the secrets to my 10-minute clean (which make it sound WAY cooler than it really is). 

Let me preface this by saying this is just what works for me and it’s super simple! No, it’s not a deep clean but it’s something you can do on a consistent basis to keep the house from looking like a bomb went off.

The 10-minute clean is literally what it sounds like – 10 minutes of cleaning!  

Here are some tips to make it super effective though: 

  1. Put a timer on – this is important! You can pick any amount of time you wish but make sure to actually put the timer on.

  2. Focus on the disaster zones – play room, kitchen, kids room.

  3. Move, move, move! This isn't a stroll in the park – you want to move quickly. Pick tasks that you can move through quickly and will make a big difference – for example, you’re not going to do a deep bathroom clean but you can pick up clothes, tidy up the vanity, and do a quick sweep. Same with the kitchen – it's unlikely you'll plow through all your dishes but you can get them all in the sink, wipe off the counters and table, and start on the dishes.  

  4. Get the kids involved. Make it a game. If your kids get an allowance, you can pay them for each toy or clothing they pick up. Pick however much money you feel comfortable with but you can do something like 0.25 a toy/clothing. If they don’t get an allowance, you can pay them in time – 30 seconds of tv or (whatever their preferred thing is) for each toy/clothing they pick up.

  5. Do this often. Since this isn't a deep clean and we all know things get out of hand quickly, you’ll want to do this daily. I like to do it 2x a day – once earlier in the morning and once before bed. It's nice to wake up to a relatively tidy home! 

This is also something you can do if your kids are playing on their own for a few minutes, while you’re waiting for dinner or if you’re waiting to leave the house ….do a 5-minute clean - it all adds up.

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