Ep. 25: Simple Saturday - How To Take Control Of Your Life

This is one of the most commonly used phrases in the motherhood world: "I don't have time for myself".

I'm here to tell you (as many times as necessary) that this doesn't have to be your reality but what we do need to do is accept that we are in control of our own lives and we have to become very on what it is we want our lives to look like. From there, we can create actionable steps to implement those things into our lives.

Grab a pen & paper because we're going to start writing out our dream life:

1. We need to figure out exactly what "taking time for ourselves" means. Start writing down exactly what you want. I.e. read a book regularly, go for walks, see your friends, go back to work.

2. Write down how often you want to do these activities. Be specific.

3. Organize your list from most important to least.

4. Take the top 1-2 things and write down exactly what would need to happen to make those a reality. Do you need to get up earlier? Stay up later? Hire a babysitter? Save money? Organize your time better?

5. Take action!

It seems more doable and less daunting once we are very clear on what we want to do!

The reality is though, "I don't have time" excuse...you are choosing that situation because if you haven't sat down, written down exactly what you want to do and followed through on the action steps, you haven't even tried yet.

No, it won't be easy. Yes, it will take planning, strategizing & juggling BUT it is SO worth it, it really is. It's worth having a life you love & fulfills you...even if it takes work.

So, buckle up mama. Strap on your thinking cap, grab your pen and paper, start writing...and then start taking action.

If you're stuck on the activity, still feel like it's not possible or just need a cheerleader, reach out to me on Instagram & I will gladly help you along.

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