Ep. 23: Simple Saturday - 5 Tips For Being More Present

How do we be more present with our children and in life in general? These 5 strategies will not only show you that it's pretty easy but they are things you can implement right now!

1. Wake Up Before The Kids

It's no secret that starting the day off when your kids wakes up can really impact our day in a negative way. To ensure we start the day off on a really positive note, try waking up 20-30 minutes before the kids. Start your day the way you want. Have a shower, a cup of coffee, read a book, relax, meditate. Start your day intentionally and watch how it snowballs into the rest of the day.

2. Create a work, play, me time schedule

Having a set schedule can help you focus more on the activity at hand. You won't be so concerned about doing work when you're with the kids if you know that your partner is taking over later so you can focus on your stuff.

3. When it is playtime - turn off distractions.

Put the phone away, turn the tv off and focus on the kiddos. The kids will feel important and even more loved if they see that you're fully committed to spending the time with them and focused on them.

4. Fill Your Cup

One of the main reasons we have a hard time engaging fully in an activity or being mindful is that we aren't feeling fulfilled. When we aren't fulfilled, we are distracted, easily annoyed, burnt out and we tend to want to do other things. When our cup is filled, we are more content overall and can give the proper attention to what we are doing.

5. Be Less Selfish

I know it's hard when the kids are begging us to do something and we don't want to because we just don't want to or we're tired or feeling lazy. But sometimes by pushing back against the kids, it causes more tension than fixing it. Check if you're being selfish or there's a legitimate reason you don't want to do something.

All in all though, the best way to be mindful is to put the phone down and dive deep into what the kiddos are doing. They'll thank you - trust me.

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