Ep. 14: The Pregnant & Thriving Entrepreneur w/ Kehla Guimond as the host!

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Today's episode has me in the hot seat! This episode was originally recorded in August 2019 when I was a guest on my friend, Kehla Guimond's podcast: Living In Fierce Alignment.

I absolutely loved being on Kehla's podcast and it was actually the first time I had ever been on a podcast!

Kehla and I chatted about my pregnancy (I was 38 weeks along), finding my passions in regards to my career, being an entrepreneur and more!

It's super awesome to listen back to pregnant Jessica and see how much has changed over the last 9 months.

I highly encourage you check out Kehla's podcast and social media as she dives deep into mindset and living a life you truly desire. She is a force and I am so proud to call her my friend.

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P.S. Stay tuned for Part 2 which will be released in a few weeks!

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The Right Path

Jess grew up on a farm outside of Guelph in a small town called Elora. In 2010 she migrated to Toronto to attend Hamburg College to work toward a paralegal degree. She finished her degree, but while she was still in school, she figured out that this wasn’t really the path that she wanted to take in her life.

Jess began working in a law firm, but found herself really unhappy in her career. Back when she was still in school, she began a fitness and health journey. She started lifting weights and eating better. This journey changed a lot of things in her life. She saw how much working out and eating healthy made her happy and turned her into a better person and she wanted others around her to have that same experience. She started researching how to get into the health and fitness industry.

While she continued her job at the law firm, she began going to school part-time for a holistic nutrition diploma program, as well as a personal trainer program.

Jess began her health and fitness journey initially due to a compound effect of a lot of really terrible habits. She was also in a really crappy relationship at the time and being in the gym gave her a sense of control in her life, while everything else around her felt chaotic. Being in the gym felt empowering and as she started to feel better and see changes in her body, this sparked Jess to want to continue down this path.

The Bikini Competition

In 2016, Jess took part in a bikini competition. And it is the one and only show she did and will ever do. Once she got into the health and fitness world, this competition was a goal of hers. She is very thankful that she did it and it was an eye-opening learning experience for her. She came to realize that balance is what was most needed in her life. The fitness competition was the exact opposite of balance and she had to push her body to an extreme level of fitness and had to be very strict on her eating habits.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad experience for Jess, but it brought up a lot of things with her habits. By having to be so restrictive, she tended to binge eat, feel guilty about it and then try to throw up. Although she is thankful for the lessons it taught her about herself, the overall experience from the competition wasn’t a great one. Through taking part in the bikini competition she learned that the majority of people need balance and that’s where people thrive.

Holistic Nutrition & Personal Training

In October of 2018 Jess started working at GoodLife Fitness as a personal training. She remained there up until she became pregnant.

While Jess was still a paralegal, she completed the 2 tiers of her holistic nutrition program. She found herself in a weird limbo stage for awhile. She had her toes dipped into the health and fitness realm, while also keeping the safety net of her job. This is often where people get stuck because it’s comfortable and you have a steady paycheck coming in.

Last year, Jess was finally forced to make a decision. The law firm offered Jess a promotion in a completely different role than the one she was currently in and it would require a huge learning curve. Jess knew she couldn’t be invested in that, but also couldn’t say no and remain in her current position. She knew she had to make a decision. It was now or never, and she decided on now. Jess left her job as a paralegal and jumped into personal training at GoodLife Fitness.

Fitness isn’t an easy industry to get into and often takes time to find clients. You work a lot of hours in the beginning and it’s a lot of work initially. There also isn’t a lot of reward in terms of financial impact right away. It was a stressful time for Jess, but also a very invigorating time and she felt like a huge weight had lifted off her shoulders. She made a jump into something she wanted to go into and closed the chapter on something she no longer wanted anymore. It was scary for her because Jess had spent so much time dedicating her time to one thing and it can be hard to make a change. But this step led her to where she is today and she is grateful for it.

Building An Online Business

Over the last few years, Jess has desired having her own business. Her main reason behind this desire stems from coming from a family of entrepreneurs. Her family runs their own farm and this planted the seed in her mind of wanting to foster something that she too could call her own and have complete control over. When she went into GoodLife, Jess already knew that eventually she would branch out on her own. She didn’t know what it would entail or when it would happen, but she knew this is what she wanted. She loves in person training and the benefits it comes with, but for her to shape the life she truly wanted to live, Jess knew online training was going to be the route to go. And so, she started building her online business and creating programs.

Pregnancy Journey

Currently, Jess is 38 ½ weeks pregnant. On January 2nd, Jess and her boyfriend Emmanuel went for a run at 6:30am. Afterward, she felt nauseous and thought this just meant she wasn’t meant to be a runner, which she felt was perfect!

But the next morning Jess was nauseous once again and she knew instantly that she was pregnant. Jess just had this feeling and talked to Emmanuel about it. Jess had to work in the gym that day, but she couldn’t wait to find out if she was pregnant. After stopping at Shoppers Drug Mart on her way to work, she took the pregnancy test in the GoodLife bathroom at 7am. And sure enough, it was positive.

Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind for Jes, with a lot of ups and downs. Jess has been very transparent about how her journey has been throughout her pregnancy. Pregnancy is almost glamorized in a way and it’s always represented as this happy and great time in life. But Jess’s experience could not be further from that. Jess is very thankful for her journey, but it has been really hard. You are on this hormonal roller coaster for 9-plus months straight and your body is changing in all these weird ways. You are exhausted all the time because things are so crazy and hectic. You start to doubt yourself as a person, as a woman and as a mom. You start to wonder if you can really do this. All these things start to come up.

Even though Jess had the best boyfriend and supporter ever, she still describes pregnancy as the loneliest journey you can ever take. No one else knows what you go through. And everyone’s experience is so different. It’s definitely a challenging journey to go down.

Jess is due on August 30 and chose not to find out the gender of her baby. Originally, she was going to, but then her sister told her how special the moment is to find out the gender after you’ve gone through 9 months and the delivery process. This story convinced Jess to wait for the surprise at the end of the delivery.

Plans for The Next Year

Jess’s goal for the next year is to build her online business to be her full-time job. Jess loves the idea of trying to be as present as possible in her baby’s life. And so for the next year while she is on maternity leave, she wants to work on making this a reality so she doesn’t have to go back to work. She wants to spend the quality years with her baby and not need daycare. And with that, she wants to really discover where she wants to be with her business in general. It’s one of those things that you start having a concept and a vision, but as you go further and further into the journey you discover so much about yourself and things start changing. Jess hopes to nail down what her business is going to look like fully and hopefully discover how she can service as many women as possible and in what ways that will look like for her business.

Jess also hopes to travel. Being an entrepreneur, she will have the freedom to live in other countries, experience different cultures and see the world. This is a passion of Emmanuel’s as well.

Fierce Living Course

Jess signed up for Kehla’s Fierce Living 4-week course about shifting your mindset. Through this program, you learn tools that will resonate for life, discover recurring thought patterns about your life and have the guidance to change and grow through that process. Jess signed up to support Kehla and also because she was curious about the program. She ended up getting a lot out of it. Learning about recurring thought patterns was really eye opening for Jess. Jess wanted to uncover why she feels like she can’t be successful in her business, something that is a huge mental block she needs to get over in order to succeed in her online business.

Jess began looking back at her life for the times that caused her to start having these particular thoughts. She started to think about her self-limiting beliefs and where they stemmed from. It forced her to actually pull apart where those beliefs came from and what she made of certain circumstances. The course gave Jess an outside perspective on how these things happen to you and then you make up all this crap and then believe what you made up and the actual truth is forgotten.

Through the process of pulling apart her past, understanding how certain things affected her, and how they got her to where she is now, she was able to learn that she could create a new story and use that as an empowering way to move forward.

She came to learn that a lot of those beliefs had to do with her relationship with her dad. Jess grew up thinking that the only way she could be successful was to make a lot of money. She believed her dad valued money as a form of success. She determined this belief on her own through simply seeing how her dad was and talking to him growing up. But her dad never once said that, and Jess began to understand that she made this story up. She made it seem like this was a bad thing and had it in her head that she had to make a lot of money to actually be a success. This just goes to show how far we take things and make things up.

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