Meet Jessica

Hey beautiful! It is so lovely to meet you. I’m Jessica Hessels, a Toronto based body freedom coach, certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist.


Beyond that, I am a lover of life, challenge taker, dream chaser, laughing bundle of energy. I strive to approach every day with a positive mindset, spread love and laughter everywhere I go while cherishing the moments I experience.

I am also a daughter, sister, and new mama. I hold all these titles with so much pride and can’t be more thankful and loving of those who surround me.

My mission is to...

empower and educate women on how to move their body, find compassion and love for themselves, have a healthy relationship with food, how to eat for their health goals, and how to do so all while still being the badass women that they truly are!

My Journey

I get it.

My diet regularly consisted of fast food, pop, and alcohol. My workout routine consisted of dancing at the club. My sleep schedule was…well, there was no schedule.

I was alive but I was not living.

Eventually, I was introduced to the gym and it (no joke) completely changed my life. I slowly began working out regularly and my diet started to shift from fast food to more home-cooked meals. I was feeling better internally and externally. I realized I was more energized, optimistic, motivated and happier. I began to love my body. I was hooked.

After many years of working out, eating nutritious food, significantly reducing my alcohol intake, implementing a sleep schedule and loving life, I came to realize one important thing was still missing – I was not happy with my career choice. I could feel myself fading a little more every day and it was very unsettling. At that point I knew I had to make a change – I decided to follow my passion for health and fitness. With very little money in the bank but an ambitious mindset, I set my sites on becoming a holistic nutritionist and a personal trainer.

This career path has led me to so many amazing women who were just like me. My journey has led me to a place where I get to have the amazing opportunity to empower, educate, and walk beside those women in their journey in finding love, health and happiness in their life. 

I cannot wait to share that experience with YOU! A badass woman who more than deserves to live her BEST and most fulfilling live ever!

“Each day presents you with a new opportunity. A new chance to overcome fear, go after your goals, follow your heart, say hello to that person, to write that note, smile, love harder, laugh more.

Each day promises you a new opportunity but it is still up to you whether or not you grasp those opportunities.”

My Qualifications & Achievements

As seen on Global News

Guest speaker on Global News for a special Men's Health segment: Simple Ways to Improve Men's Health


Certified Holistic Nutritionist, 2019 


Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition


Registered Health & Nutrition Coach, 2017


Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition / Canadian Health Coach Alliance


Personal Training Specialist, 2018


DTS-Transparent-logo (1).png

DTS Level 1 Certification, 2018

 DTS Fitness Education

“We can’t pour from an empty cup.

When we take care of ourselves first, look after our health, take the time to ensure we are happy, full of energy, loved and full of life, that is when we are able to give our best to those around us."