Release Your Mom Guilt Workshop


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June 09 at 7:30pm

(additional workshop day/times coming)



Hi, I am Jessica! I am the founder of the Badass Moms Club and a mom coach for amazing moms who want to live their dream life.


I specialize in helping new moms rediscover themselves by providing the tools to enable them to reprioritize, reinvigorate and reconnect with themselves so they can live a fulfilled and empowered life.

I don't just talk the talk, I also walk the walk. I successfully host my podcast, blog regularly, run workshops and am in the midst of opening up the Badass Moms Inner Circle, an exclusive membership club that is your guide to living your dream life. All while being a stay-at-home-mom.

I am passionately dedicated to helping moms have it all...the kids & the dream life. 



Release Your Mom Guilt Workshop

Discover the strategies that will help you move past your mom guilt and towards

the life you truly desire

Badass Moms

Inner Circle

This is a membership club that empowers you to discover your dream life & learn the strategies to make it a reality.

Guest on the Badass Moms Club Podcast

Want to share your mom journey or are you a professional who works with families? Apply to be a guest!


Podcast Listeners Rejoice!

The Badass Moms Club Podcast is unfiltered and honest conversations around all things pregnancy, labour & delivery and motherhood because, let's be real, this whole motherhood thing is confusing, hard as f***, lonely and just downright bat-shit crazy.


I get it. I hear you. We are in this together.


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