Ditch the diet & confusing workout trends

Hi, I'm Jessica! I'm a holistic nutritionist and fitness coach for badass women who want to elevate their health & wellness. I specialize in helping busy women build the body of their dreams through strength training all while maintaining balance in their life. 


Do you want to build the body of your dreams?

Do you want to feel, look and perform at your most optimal level?

Do you want to eat real food and not count a single calorie?

Do you want to feel sexy when naked?!

Do you want to find and have freedom in your body?

If so, then get ready because you are about to go on the most incredible journey!



Your body is your temple & sanctuary


Let's Get To Work



Born To Be Strong is an online 1-1 coaching program that helps women build their dream body through strength training & sustainable eating habits.

I teach my clients the best workout methods for their goals and how to have freedom with their food so they can level the f*** up on building their dream body.

If your goal is to be strong and lean and you are ready to make life-changing actions to take your health & fitness to a whole new level, then Born To Be Strong is the best program for you.




Build Your Body Bootcamp is a 12 week online fitness, nutrition and mindset program for women who want to shed fat & get lean. This program teaches you the most effective fat-shedding workouts, how to form nutrition habits aligned with your goals, and how to create a mindset that is bad***.

Build Your Body Bootcamp is the best program for women who are looking to shed fat & get lean. 



Athletic Girl

You got this, girl!

When we are empowered, we feel and know all things are possible.


My passion is in providing YOU with the tools in order to unleash your true potential, gain confidence, hit milestones, find love and comfort in your body, and to live your best life possible. 

Sounds amazing, right?

Women Practicing Acroyoga

We are one.

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Community is at the center of my approach as I know how important it is to be surrounded by other like-minded, badass women who understand the struggles but also know how to celebrate the wins. 

Each program comes with access to a community of women where you get to ask questions, bounce ideas, share difficulties and share in each other's success. 


Happiness is key.

The most successful plans are the one's we actually enjoy following. We will work together to implement aspects that you love and leave out the one’s you aren’t so keen on.

This means:

You will enjoy the journey

You will eat food you actually enjoy eating

Workout recommendations that fit with your lifestyle

You will find balance between your goals and life


Ava S.

"I’ve been working with Jessica for about one year now. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. With consistent feedback and positive encouragement, she’s helped me reframe my attitude while training my body. I’m now stronger, have increased confidence in the gym, and enjoy working out more than I ever have.

Thank you Jessica—you’re the best!"

Sara T.

"Jessica helped me improve upon technique and form. I was constantly learning new exercises and the proper form that gave me results, especially when working out on my own. Training with Jessica was never daunting - I really appreciated that she was always easy and very pleasant to work with."

Stephanie S. 

"When I first started working with Jessica, she immediately helped me understand the building blocks to reach my goals, and she took the time learn more about my equestrian sport so that she could design effective workouts for me. Going to a gym was new to me, and the road hasn't been easy because of work and family commitments. Jessica's supportive and holistic approach to her program includes tools to make progress in different ways, so that every week I feel like I accomplished something, and we can talk openly about what's working and what's not."