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Rediscover, reprioritize & reconnect with yourself


In the life-changing transition of becoming a mom, having everything turned upside down and trying to navigate a whole new world, you lost sight of who you are as a person. Who you are without the "mom" title. You lost yourself.


And mom life never slows down & it never ends, so you just keep trekking on. Saying things like "when the kids get older I'll do X" or "I don't have time for X" or "hobbies, what are hobbies? I have children!".

I get it. Motherhood is a huge transition and it's actually not your fault that you've lost yourself in it. It's what we've been led to believe is "supposed" to happen when we become a mom. Society has ingrained in us that when we become a mom we are no longer our own person. We are now a mom and only a mom. Sounds a bit bizarre (and unfair!) when it's put like that, doesn't it? Yes, yes it does.



Your kids are your whole world but you wish you had something for yourself. Perhaps you miss your pre-baby life a lot. Or you miss hangin' with the ladies or playing a sport. You crave alone time but can never seem to get it. Or you want to go back to work but you feel guilty for leaving your children. 

When someone asks you what you do for fun or as a hobby, you legitimately can't answer because you don't have fun or have hobbies outside your kiddos. 

You find yourself jealous of your partner for getting to go to work. Or jealous of friends who don't have children and have the freedom to do what they want when they want.

Or you're easily irritated, short-fused and annoyed with your kids/partner. 

You just don't feel like you anymore. You feel like you've lost yourself in motherhood and to top it all off, you feel guilty for even feeling this way. 

You can't spend the rest of your life this way & you can't wait until the kids are grown. Something has to change. 

You need to reconnect with yourself again, feel like your own person and have things for yourself so you can be fulfilled, happy and live your most amazing life, but it feels nearly impossible.

I get it mama, I really do! I have been where you are. But guess what?! There is a way to have both - to be an amazing mom to your kiddos while also being you, your own person.


→ You knew exactly what you wanted your life to look like

→ You had a clear road map of how to make it a reality

→ You had strategies to help release your mom guilt 

→ You had a kickass community of badass moms supporting you along the way

→ You felt empowered in your life as a woman & a mom

→ You felt connected with yourself & like your own person

→ You were living your best life while being the amazing mother that you are




Badass Moms


Rediscover, reprioritize & reconnect

with yourself.


Uncover & establish exactly what your dream life is

Implement strategies to release your mom guilt

Create an action plan that guides you step-by-step to living that dream life

Implement the systems that will allow you to go from your current self to living the life of your dreams!


SEPTEMBER 14, 2020!

I created the Inner Circle because I've been in your shoes

Trust me when I say this, I've been there. I threw myself into motherhood expecting to be fulfilled, completely happy and in love with this life and I lost myself in the process. I was unfulfilled, empty, unhappy and constantly asking myself "is this really my life now?" 

Then the guilt set in. Why didn't I love every aspect of motherhood as much as I thought I should? Why did I yearn for a life outside motherhood? Was there something wrong with me? Was I a bad mom? 

What changed? Everything. 

I realized that being a mom was an ADDITION to my identity, not my whole identity. I realized that I was able to be a GREAT mom but the only way for me to do that was to also by myself. And the only way for me to be myself was to do the things that made me happy & fulfilled.


I rediscovered, reconnected and reprioritized myself. I made it a priority to hangout with my friends again, have dates with Emmanuel, regularly workout, get back to working and have time for myself every single day.


I reconnected with myself & became a badass mom because of it. 

Now I'm sharing this process with you so you can rediscover, reconnect & reprioritize yourself so you can not only live your most amazing life but also be the best mom you can possibly be!





Exclusive access to the private IC Facebook Group where you can connect with other badass moms, get your questions answered & have daily accountability for the 12 weeks of the group coaching program

Weekly group coaching calls with me for 12 weeks!

→ Intimate group sizes

 Lifetime access to the online course content (videos, PDFs, worksheets, activities) 

Lifetime access to the IC Family where you can stay connected with the badass moms in your group as well as connect with all past + future moms

You can have it all...the kids & the life you desire!

The next Inner Circle is starting September 14


You're a mom (ok, ok, I know this is a given!)

 You want more out of life but you aren't sure what that is and/or you have no idea how to make it a reality

→ You're coachable and ready to do the work that it takes to live your dream life!

→ You want to be yourself again while being a badass mom!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is the group coaching program?

A. The group coaching program is 12 weeks long.



Hey mama, it's so lovely to meet you! I can't wait to get to know you but before I do, I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. 


I'm a mentor for moms. My main priority is helping moms rediscover, reconnect & reprioritize themselves so they can live a fulfilling and empowering life.

When I first became a mom I flip-flopped between going all in on motherhood to resenting spending time with my daughter, Esmé, because I wanted to focus on work. I struggled with losing myself, pushing to get my identity back and then going overboard.


Through this journey I realized that my happiness only existed when I felt fulfilled as a person and could show up as the best mom for Esmé. This meant I needed to find a balance between motherhood & myself.


I created a strategy that has helped me live a fulfilling life and be a badass mom to Esmé. Now I rock motherhood, live an amazing life and get to spend my days helping moms just like you do the same!

I can't wait to meet you mama!

Let's Do This!