Build Your Body Bootcamp

Shed Fat & Get Lean

Build Your Body Bootcamp is a 12 week online fitness, nutrition and mindset program for women who want to shed fat & get lean.


This program teaches you the most effective fat-shedding workouts, how to form nutrition habits aligned with your goals, and how to create a mindset that is bad***. 

Build Your Body Bootcamp is the best program for women who are looking to shed fat & get lean. 

Does this sound like you?

You're having trouble losing the fat.

You've tried different programs that require counting points for food, weird workout gimmicks, skinny teas, or waist trainers. 

Your workout routine is the same one you've been doing since day 1.

Your nutrition habits range from cutting whole food groups to binge eating the candy aisle. 

Guess what?


What you are doing is what so many women just like you do. 

You are trying & that is amazing.

But you are not seeing results. 

And that means all your efforts are going to waste.

You are literally getting no where & the fat is going no where. 

So, what do you have to lose?



the fat

Once & for all

If you're feeling defeated, confused, out of options & fed up, then this program is coming into your life at the right moment. 

Build Your Body Bootcamp is a 12 week program that will give you direction, motivate you, and most importantly – help you shed fat and get lean.

Imagine if...

... You lost the fat once and for all

... You loved the way you look...naked!

... You knew what to eat for your goals

...You eliminated limiting beliefs that were sabotaging your progress

... You did so without restricting yourself or trying any funky methods to get there

How would that feel? What would you do then that you don't do now? How would you carry yourself?

What will I learn?


Macro + micronutrients, how much you should be eating, how to intuitively eat

Meal Plans

How to meal plan & meal prep/batch prepare food

Strength Training

How to properly execute the strength training movements


The most effective way to burn fat through cardio

What's Included?

Workout Program

12 week fat shedding workout program delivered through an App which outlines workouts in writing + video demonstrations

Nutrition + Mindset Workbook

12 week nutrition + mindset workbook that includes practical information & homework sheets on mindset + all about nutrition (macros, micros, meal prep, grocery shopping, intuitive eating & more).

Access To Community FB

You will get to be part of the Facebook community with all the other amazing women who are on their journey to shedding the fat once and for all. Ask questions, share wins, encourage one-another and watch each other smash goals!

A New Body + Mindset


Frequently Asked Questions

Can BYBB be done at home or in a gym?

As of right now, BYBB is designed to be done in a gym. There is a home edition being released shortly.

Can I repeat BYBB?

Yes! You have lifetime access to your Mindsdet & Nutrition Booklet & the workouts so please feel free to go through it as many times as you want.

How do I receive the program?

The workout program is delivered through an App. You will receive instructions on downloading & accessing the program upon purchase. The mindset & nutrition course is delivered in PDF format upon purchase.

Is there coaching involved in BYBB?

Great question! There is no direct coaching from me. You will be added to the Body FREEdom Mastermind Facebook group that is full of other women in the Body FREEdom community. This group is meant to be a resource to you. You may use this group to ask questions, share wins or get encouragement for hardships. I will be monitoring the questions and responding to one's that may need a little extra help! I am definitely here to sort out any questions regarding receipt of the program or any other administrative problems.

Do I have to count calories/macros in this program?

No! Calorie counting is an effective tool in certain circumstancces but for most people, it becomes such a hassle as it does require more work. One of the greatest things about this program is that it teaches you how to eat without counting calories. By learning how to eat intuitively, structure your plate and choose foods that are health supporting, you won't need to count calories.

What level of fitness is this program designed for?

Great question! This program is designed for a wide range of fitness levels ranging from never having worked out before to seasoned. The exercises that are in this program are there because they are staples, effective and create a balanced physique. This means they are beneficial for all levels of fitness. One of the benefits of the program is that you get to decide what weights you lift. This means that you can make the workouts more challenging by increasing the weights. The Fitness Guide includes instructions on how to know when to increase weights and by how much.

Why is there a mindset component?

I love this question because most health/fitness guides are either focused on working out, nutrition or both, but rarely do you find one that includes mindset. Our mindset is the driving factor in our success. What we believe quite literally becomes our reaility. It's why people who have a negative mindset tend to get sick more often and also feel as if the world is working against them - they believe these things and then the negativity manifests into sickness in their physical body. On the other hand, those who have a positive outlook on life and are able to replace their limiting beliefs with empowering ones tend to be happier and more successful.

Will I still see results if I don't complete the mindset portion?

Short answer: Yes. but... Long Answer: You will still see results because you are making changes in your body that you weren't previously doing. Will the results be as good as if you had done the mindset portion? No. In order to get the full effect of the program and really use this program as a a catalyst for change in your life, you will need to complete the mindset portion. I urge you to sit in the uncomfortable. I urge you to question why you don't want to complete that portion. I urge you to go ahead and give it a shot anyways. A true, honest, real shot. What's the worst that can happen? P.s. The mindset component is NOT scary but it is meant to push you outside your comfort level and really think about why you are the way you are now and how you can make changes to be better.