Meet Jessica

Hey beautiful! It is so lovely to meet you. I’m Jessica Hessels, a Toronto based body freedom coach, certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist.


Beyond that, I am a lover of life, challenge taker, dream chaser, laughing bundle of energy. I strive to approach every day with a positive mindset, spread love and laughter everywhere I go while cherishing the moments I experience.

I am also a daughter, sister, and new mama. I hold all these titles with so much pride and can’t be more thankful and loving of those who surround me.

I am a badass mom (among other things).

My mission is to...

empower other badass moms to step into the life they truly desire.

Moms can have it all: the babies, the body, the career, the social life, "me" time.


All. Of. It.


And all without the mom-guilt. 

My Journey

I became pregnant December 2018 and within a split second, my whole life changed.

As baby Esmé grew inside my belly, I felt so many different things. I was excited and overjoyed but I was also sad and confused. I knew my life would be very different and that made me happy but also left me empty.

In an effort to feel like I wasn't alone, I started to openly share my journey on social media. 

I would speak about the things that were happening to me, how my body was changing, the challenges that were coming my way, all the emotions I felt, and more. 

As I started to share the ups and downs of pregnancy, I noticed a trend...women were resonating with my story. I constantly received messages from women saying they appreciated the openness and authenticity. They heard my messages and it made them feel like they weren't alone. Giving them hope. Or a feeling of love. Or the understanding that what they are going through is normal and it's ok. 

From that, I became very passionate about sharing my journey. I became passionate about showing other women that they can have it all. The baby, the body, the career, the social life...whatever they desired..they could have.


I knew there was power in sharing my story. I knew deep in my heart that humans need connection. And that connection is healing.

So, I promised myself that I would always show up as my authentic self. That I would share the realities of pregnancy and motherhood. Even the stuff no one is talking about. Even the stuff that made me cry, feel embarrassed or like a bad mom. I would put it all on the line. 

I promised myself I would step into the badass mom that I am and empower other women to do the same. I promised myself that I would empower women to step into the life they truly desire. 


And to do it without the mom-guilt.  

What Will You Find On My Blog?

Honesty & Authenticity. 

Social media is plastered with perfection. Carefully curated feeds with high-quality photos. Captions that pull us in. Content that is meant to please (and make us jealous!). It is rare to see the nitty-gritty. It is rare to see the real, behind-the-scenes, messy and gross moments. But that is what I am all about. If it's happened to me, you will read about it. I put it all on the line and sometimes I question if it's too much, but I know you. You are craving realness. You are craving rawness. You want to know that you are not alone and I am here to show you that all the shit you are going through and feeling, IS normal. I promise you. 

Tips & Tricks.

I'm collecting a bank of tips and tricks that relate to pregnancy, labour & delivery, and motherhood. As I figure out how to do this whole thing, I will keep you updated. Whether its how to survive pregnancy, must-haves for your baby, or how to pack for holidays, what I know, you know. 


So many moms feel trapped or lost in motherhood. Whether it's because they left behind a flourishing career or feel hatred towards their many moms feel this way. And on top of it all, they feel guilty for even feeling this way in the first place. I am here to tell you that your feelings are valid and beyond that, they are normal! But if you are having those feelings then that may be a sign that you need to make some changes. That may mean looking into part-time work, working out, connecting with friends, finding time to yourself...but whatever it may be, that is ok! You are not, and I repeat, you are NOT a bad mom if this is your circumstance. In fact, when we are able to fill our own cup, we are actually better moms. 

You can have it all. I know this because I live this. So, I promise you, I will do everything I can to empower you to really step into the life you desire. Whatever that may look like. And to do so without having mom-guilt.

“We can’t pour from an empty cup.

When we take care of ourselves first, look after our health, take the time to ensure we are happy, full of energy, loved and full of life, that is when we are able to give our best to those around us."